Greetings earthlings!
We are proud to announce the launch of our galaxy bedding duvet collection. Each of our duvets features the actual photograph that was taken from outer space. Our duvet collection includes galaxies, planets, nebulae, and other worldly occurrences. So far the fan favorites have been our Tarantula Nebula & Cygnus Loop. Here at camp Sharp Shirter, our personal favorite duvet is the Carina Nebula.This image was taken by NASA's HAWK-I camera. It has such a soothing tranquil effect that makes us instantly want to jump into bed with it.
Each of our duvets are printed on demand in good ol' USA. The duvet fabric is a made from a super-soft microfiber that is machine washable. Our duvet covers have a concealed zipper for you to insert the actual duvet bedding.
Go check out the entire duvet collection by clicking here:  Galaxy Duvets
If these galaxy duvets are blowing your mind you can make your own! Follow this link to get started building your own custom duvet: Custom Duvet

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