Celebrate Shark Week with a New Item from Sharp Shirter!

This week, Discovery Channel is rolling out their annual Shark Week programming. It's awesome, isn't it? Yeah, we think so to.

Of course, think of sharks as more than just the most perfectly evolved killing machines ever. We think of them as beautiful creatures that are incredibly important to the ecosystem. Mother Nature aside, their role in pop culture cannot be denied. From books and movies to video games and television documentaries, people are utterly fascinated by these gigantic fish. Today, we wanted to highlight two of our favorite designs in honor of these animals, and Shark Week!

The first awesome design that we have for you is on one of our super soft and comfortable t-shirts. Well, if we're getting technical, it is also available on shower curtains, stylish art prints, blankets, duvet covers and deep neck v-neck shirts, but who's counting? For this blog, we're going to show off our classic "Shark Punch" design on one of our classic tees. Pretty awesome, isn't it? A high quality design with enough retro flare for any fan of art!

The second design we want to talk about with you today called "Air Shark," and is shown below on a high quality art print. Not only is it brightly colored, but it would also be a fantastic conversation starter, don't you think? This original print design is something that you will only find on our website. Being unique is a big part of what we're about here, which is why we take a lot of pride in coming up with things that you won't find anywhere else!

We hope you all have an awesome Shark Week, and hope you enjoy these and other fantastic products on our website. Thanks again for reading, and we hope to be your number one t-shirt provider now and always! Until next time, keep calm and shark on!

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