Deer Forest Art Print

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I first thought of this design idea as I was walking my dog through the park by my house at night. We came across a couple of deer that were right on the outskirts of the woods and as we approached them they froze. It was hard for me to make out what were their antlers and what were branches. Thats when it hit me- Deer Forest. I immediately contacted Mathiole with the design idea, and within a couple of days he banged it out. This design is a great fit in our collection because it helps demonstrate our view on the complicated relationship between humans and animals. Heres a case where we are struck by the beauty of a group of deer in the middle of the night while simultaneously feeling a bit of fear at their haunting stance. We want to go closer to see them, but we know they'll run away as soon as we make a move. They are just as scared as we are.

Printed on 18" x 24" cover stock paper. Rolled for shipment.

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