Shark Punch Art Print

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The Shark Punch design is the long awaited sequel to our timeless bear punch image. This is also the first product that came from a customer's suggestion. During the winter of 2009, I was doing a show outside of the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Around 8 PM, two girls came up to my booth and saw the Haymaker t-shirt. They loved it, but thought it would be great if it was a girl punching the bear. I told them that I had thought about that suggestion, but it was too similar to the original. I didn't want to mess with anything too close to my best seller. Then out of the blue, one of the girls said "Why don't you do something like a deep sea diver knocking out a shark!" It was pure genius. I immediately got Huebucket working on the design. It took us almost a year to finish it off because I wouldn't let him stop until I was 100% on it. The shark punch has big shoes to fill, but I've got faith that it will be a huge hit.ÌÓ_

Printed on 18" x 24" cover stock paper. Rolled for shipment.

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