We love to watch The Nature Channel and drink beer. Then we get inspired to design fun and unique apparel and home decor!
We also believe in giving back to the animals and natural beauty that inspire us. We are proud to partner with the African Wildlife Foundation, which works with the people of Africa to protect wildlife and wildlands.  A portion of every purchase goes to their cause. To date we've raised over $70,000!

Dan Lachman
What I Do: I'm the brainchild of Sharp Shirter
Favorite Sharp Shirter Design: Deep Sea Discovery
Favorite Animal: Cuttlefish
One thing I recommend to watch, read or listen to: You haven't lived if you haven't seen The Room.
If I could have one super power... Walk backwards while facing forwards and never bump into anything
One thing I'm proud of: I have a Bachelors in Psychology
One thing on my bucket list: Being in the audience at a Judge Judy filming

Gloria Richardson

What I Do: Sales Captain? I have no idea what my official title is anymore please ask Dan :)
Favorite Sharp Shirter design: Captain Octopus
Favorite Animal: Humans
Read: In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan 
Listen: Broadcast, Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, Cocteau Twins 
Watch: Peep Show
Super Power: Omni-linguism 
One thing I'm proud of: My sweet pinball skills
One thing on my bucket list: Live in a foreign country 



What I Do: Wait for treats.

If I could have one super power...

I would make treats magically appear.

One thing on my bucket list:

More treats