• Distant Galaxies Shower Curtain
  • Distant Galaxies Shower Curtain
  • Distant Galaxies Shower Curtain

Distant Galaxies Shower Curtain

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71 x 74 Inches [Standard]

A massive cluster of yellowish galaxies, seemingly caught in a red and blue spider web of eerily distorted background galaxies, makes for a spellbinding picture from the new Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. To make this unprecedented image of the cosmos, Hubble peered straight through the center of one of the most massive galaxy clusters known, called Abell 1689. The gravity of the cluster's trillion stars, plus dark matter, acts as a 2-million-light-year-wide "lens" in space. This "gravitational lens" bends and magnifies the light of the galaxies located far behind it. Some of the faintest objects in the picture are probably over 13 billion light-years away

Sharp Shirter prints cool shower curtain designs on a high-quality polyester curtain. Our galaxy shower curtain comes in two different sizes- Standard and extra long. Your bathroom will light up with this galaxy shower curtain.

Looking to buy a shower curtain online? Look no further! Our shower curtains are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Each curtain is printed on 100% polyester . Our curtains are bound to give you loads of compliments.

Your bathroom will be out of this world with this high-quality shower curtain!

Printed on 100% Polyester in good ol' USA

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All shower curtains print & ship within 5 - 7 days of your order.

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