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Supermassive Black Hole Chiffon Scarf


M106, also known as NGC 4258, is located over 20 million light-years away in the small northern constellation Canes Venatici.

At M106's heart is a supermassive black hole, but this one is particularly active. Unlike the black hole at the center of our own galaxy, which pulls in wisps of gas only occasionallyM106'sblack hole is actively gobbling up material.

This lightweight, airy scarf is the perfect accessory to show off your style year-round. Made from 100% Chiffon fabric with merrow stitched edges, this decorative scarf is perfect for a chilly day in the office or a crisp spring day outside. Our scarves work great with jeans & a tee shirt or an elegant evening dress. Please note that this style of scarf is not intended for winter wear as the weight is light as a cloud.

Available in two sizes; 25����� x 25����� &���� 25����� x 77

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Customer Photos

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