Save an Elephant with Certain Items from Sharp Shirter!

If you've watched the Discovery or National Geographic channel for more than an hour, you've probably seen an ad that talks about the plight of certain endangered species. One that is especially good at capturing peoples attention is the Elephant. Not only is it an incredibly gentle creature, but it has also shown a number of indications that it is highly intelligent.

Elephants have shown the ability to mourn and miss their dead. They will run to help another elephant that cries out in fear or distress. Elephants can also be taught to solve puzzles, paint pictures and differentiate shapes and letters. If they had thumbs, they'd probably be able to manipulate their environment as well as early humans did. But, like the marine mammals in captivity in Seaworld and other similar institutions, they don't speak English, so we all assume that they're stupid.

For this and other reasons, we've decided to partner up with The African Wildlife Foundation. A portion of each sale of certain items will go to supporting this great organization, as well as all the animals and habitats that it helps. If you want to check out the many fantastic items that you can purchase to help support this foundation, you can click the big banner at the top of our main page, or just click here to be transported instantly!

Thanks for reading everyone, and thank you for all of the help! We sincerely believe that these animals, as well as the habitats that help them, deserve your assistance. Until next time...!

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